Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swap Meet offers chance to barter for kitchen supplies, cookbooks, and food


Share Tompkins Community Swap #16
Saturday, February 26 · 1-3pm
First Unitarian Society of Ithaca
306 North Aurora, Ithaca, NY

Our 16th swap is co-sponsored by the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca's Social Justice Committee!

Like sharing? Have skills? Bring goods and services you'd like to share or barter with other community members. The more we can provide for one another locally, the closer we are to sustainability!

You can post offers and requests to the Wall of this event or to the Share Tompkins GoGoVerde group:

What to bring:
- Food and Produce: veggies, teas, baked goods, jams, tofu, etc.
- Body Care: tinctures, soaps, creams, etc.
- Handmade Crafts: ceramics, candles, art, etc.
- Stuff: electronics, housewares, tools, books, etc.
- Services: massage, bike repair, web design, accounting, shoveling, moving, etc.
- Space: housing, working, gardening, etc. + you can offer to host our next swap meet!
- Bags, boxes and carts to take stuff home in
- Tables or tarps for your stuff

- Our goal is sustainability - please bring stuff that is locally-grown or made from local materials if possible, but anything is welcome!
- Be prepared to take back home with you whatever you don't end up bartering or giving away.
- Please bring stuff that is in good condition or can be easily-repaired - no junk!

Brought to you by Share Tompkins!

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