Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sustainable Tompkins offers Neighborhood Mini-Grants

Sustainable Tompkins has a history of supporting local food and gardening projects through their  Neighborhood Mini-Grants and Signs of Sustainability series.  The organization is currently accepting grants applications (see announcement below).

Past winners included:
*a Maple Sugaring Education program for Beverly J Martin kindergarten students and their teachers at Sapsquatch
*an inter-generational Pizza Baking Project at the the Linderman Creek low-income housing project and the senior facility, that brought experienced bakers and novices together over fresh garden products grown in the West Hill Community Garden.
*food preservation classes organized by IthaCan.
*seeds and soil amendments for Utica Street Gardens, a multifamily shared garden.

Request for Proposals:

 are available through Sustainable Tompkins.  We have a short application and we want to fund your ingenuity!  To apply, or call 607-216-1552.

Goals of the grants
• To support and stimulate resident-based, “bottom-up” initiatives that improve the quality of life and long-term health of residents in neighborhoods.
• To build neighborhood capacity, opportunity, and leadership, and generate more collaboration between residents, organizations, and leaders.

Who is eligible?
Residents of Tompkins County, including neighborhood or community organizations, newly formed groups of neighbors with a specific project in mind, or civic-minded individuals who can show community support for their project.

What are the grants?
Grants are for small, relatively simple projects that in some way support, or “seed”, greater
• Equity
• Self-sufficiency, and
• Long term health: social, economic or environmental.
Grant funds may be used for ongoing or one-time projects, as long as they meet the stated criteria.
Grants range from $150 – $750 each.
Examples: Funds for tools for a start-up bloc-wide garden project…materials for a community quilt project with an inter-generational component… tuition scholarship for a leadership development training… start-up funds for a youth-run business that increases neighborhood self-reliance…

How do I apply?
Applications are due on a quarterly basis: March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.
A short application will be made available that asks you to show how the project:
• Will benefit the neighborhoods or community
• Will be carried out
• Will have some specific results in 6 months or less
• Will get community support

For more information or to apply, please contact Nicole Pion at 607-216-1552

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