Thursday, February 24, 2011

Event: Mushroom Innoculation Workshops

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute


Mushroom Innoculation Workshops on May 21 & 22 in the Finger Lakes region, NY at Hawk Meadow Farm and Cayuta Sun (near Ithaca)

Mushrooms are a remarkable source of food and medicine that have been cultivated and wild-crafted by humans for thousands of years.

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute invites you to our workshops that introduce participants to the world of mushrooms, their link to healthy soils and forests, and their growing potential on both a home and commercial scale.

We will inoculate shiitake, oyster, and stropharia mushrooms and discuss how to successfully raise multiple harvests.

The two-day course goes more in depth into mushroom laying yard design and the economics of production. Mushrooms have a good potential for income generation with high market value and low start up costs.

Both one day and two-day classes include forest walks that discuss ecology and best management practices for forestry management.

Workshop participants receive complete instruction and take home an inoculated log, coffee ground substrate, and instructional booklet with further resources.

Visit: for information and registration.

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