Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beekeeping ban lifted in NYC, remains in Ithaca

Beekeeping is now legal in New York City, according to a recent NPR story. "Honeybees have long been about as welcome in New York City as poisonous snakes. They were classified as wild and dangerous animals — and banned by the city's Department of Health. That meant beekeepers had to go clandestine, keeping secret hives in backyards, in gardens and on roofs. Now the agency has lifted its ban, and beekeepers are coming out of the closet — and into the classroom." ...see more...

In the City of Ithaca, however, beekeeping is still very much illegal.  According to Chapter 164, Article 1 (164-2) of the City Code, "No person shall keep, pasture, breed, raise, harbor, stable or maintain any bees, poultry, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese or any other fowl or reptiles or any swine, horses, cows, mules, sheep, goats or any other animals, except domesticated pets, within the City."  An exception is made for "educational, scientific or research institutions maintaining, with adequate safeguards as to public health, safety, comfort and convenience, any animals or other creatures for scientific, medical or other research purposes."

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  1. Wait, what is nuts? That Ithaca bans beekeeping? Or that NYC lifted their ban?