Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Belly" Offers Street Food at Lot-10

Pork rillettes. Parsnip kale fritters. Chocolate bourbon donuts. Yum.

My pal Manny Flores just started serving up some great food at Lot 10, along with his brother Gabriel and a friend. Here's what they told me about their new project, an indoor food truck called Belly:

Manny and Gabriel Flores met Gentry Morris in Ithaca, NY while working at Mercato Bar and Kitchen. At the restaurant, Gentry researches menu ideas and works the line in the kitchen. Gabriel waits tables while Manny tends bar. They have each spent the last decade working and learning in two of the best "food cities" around–NYC and Portland, OR. On their days off they visit the farmers' market, and prepare meals for themselves and friends, sometimes pickling or canning, or even roasting whole pigs.

Good food is always the focus of their gatherings, so it made sense when they pooled their resources and started Belly, the indoor "food truck". This trio now serves locally sourced street food from the kitchen at Lot-10. The idea is to promote traditional comfort food using local meat, eggs, and produce. Current sourcing includes Autumn's Harvest Farm and West Haven Farm.

Each weekend (Friday & Saturday) Belly creates a small, pork-focused menu, made to eat with your hands. Vegetarian items are always included on the list. Sandwiches, skewers and donuts all get devoured when the crowd gets hungry on the Ithaca Commons.


  1. Check out even more about Belly here:

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