Friday, February 22, 2013

A new service to make home cooking easier

Everyone knows it's important to cook healthy meals from scratch, but sometimes it's tough. You've got to plan ahead. You have to shop for the right ingredients. You have to find the time to cook.

"Healthy Dinners" is a program at Southside Community Center to help making cooking from scratch easier. Here's how it works: First, you choose any or all of the available menu items, such as shepherd's pie or stuffed mushrooms. Then, you attend the event (this one is on March 2) where the ingredients are provided -- all you have to do is follow the directions provided, along with other participants. At home, you can either freeze your meal for a later date or cook and enjoy it the same day. You can prepare more than one meal at the event -- in other words, you can prepare a week's worth of dinners all at once.

Healthy Dinners
The NEW Fast Food
2. Assemble at a fun event
3. Freeze, heat and enjoy!
You can make dinners for the whole week in one hour!
Next Monthly Event: 
Saturday, March 2nd 
2-6 PM 
Southside Community Center
305 S Plain St, Ithaca
Orders Due Monday, February 25. We can only make 100 Dinners per event. Order soon.

Healthy Dinners is a project of the Village at Ithaca with the support of the Robert Smith Award and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. 
All funds raised support the BJM Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program and Ithaca Community Harvest.

Contact Megan at for more info
If you refer a friend, your friend gets 1/2 off their first dinner. 
If you refer 10 dinner sales, your next dinner is free.

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