Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Farm Market at The Space @ Greenstar (Monday 11/19)

Announcement from the Good Life Farm:
Thanksgiving Greetings! 
Hooray!  This year we're combining our annual turkey pick up with a whole farm market!  I am hereby inviting you and yours to get your Thanksgiving veggies, ferments, butters, honey, eggs, mushrooms, bread, flour... etc! from us and our friends this coming Monday, 11/19.

You do not need to have ordered a turkey from me to attend the market, but we are indeed sold out on turkeys, and will not have any for sale on-site (pre-orders will be picking up there).  However, take a look at what we DO have- I think it will please you!

Without further ado, here is the official word on the Market.  If you feel like doing a little guerrilla marketing, both my flyer and quarter cards are attached.  Please share!
Good Life Farm Thanksgiving Market
Monday, Nov. 19th
The Space @ Greenstar (700 W. Buffalo St., across the street from Court and Fulton Sts.)

Summary- veggies and many delicious foods available on-site.  A locavores Locavores Hors D'oeuvres Box is available for Pre-Order ONLY here!

Illustrated details:, with all info and pre-order details

Text, here:
Our market is a collaboration!
    Certified Organic Produce
      Good Life- Stick and Stone- Remembrance
Winter Greens Mix—Arugula—Spinach—Cooking greens—-Cabbage—
Delicata, Buttercup, Butternut and Acorn squash—Leeks—Garlic—Onion

Value-Added and Gifts
           Double E
Dried shiitake mushrooms from Double E!  These high quality mushrooms
are perfect in stuffing, gravy or vegetable dishes, and store well (sealed). 

Crooked Carrot CSK
Join the farmer-chefs of the Crooked Carrot CSK for a delicious selection of
locally-sourced food including Caramelized Onion-Apple Aioli, Mustard-Cider
Vinaigrette Dressing, Apple-Turmeric Chutney, Parsley-Garlic Butter, Rosemary-
Honey Butter, Live Culture Dilly Beans, Live Culture Escabeche.

       Farmer Ground Flour
100% Organic-Local-Fun flours from Farmer Ground Flour.  Choose from several
types of wheat flours, corn meal, polenta, buckwheat.  2lb bags, $3 each.

        The Piggery
Delicious cranberry-sage sausage from our beloved local pig farmers!

      Wide Awake Bakery
Fresh breads, pasta, and cookies. Locally grown! Locally ground! Organic flours!
Wood-Fired and Hand-Made! We are your bakery.

        Wolftree Farm
Eggs, Raw Honey, Whole Certified Organic Chickens + liver, gizzards, hearts,
necks and feet for stock, making pate, etc!, Mutton Summer Sausage,  Herbs, Beeswax Ornaments and Candles and Gift Cards from Wolftree Farm!

Pre Order Only!
Locavores Hors D'oeuvres Box – Includes a flight of local artisanal
cheeses, Crooked Carrot Turmeric-Apple Chutney, and Liver Pate from the
Piggery. Wow! Omnivore and vegetarian options available. To order email Sara

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