Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's new on the farm?

So much farm news to keep up with these days! Here's a taste of what a few farms are up to:

Early Morning Farm reports that organic raspberries have been devastated this year by the spotted winged fruit fly.

Plowbreak Farm asks why cook when you can eat so many veggies raw?

Indian Creek Farm is always good for a laugh.

Sweetland Farm says that they are harvesting 12,000 pounds of potatoes, in 35 pound increments.

Daring Drake reports that dogs and ducks don't mix.

Cross Creek Farm Family reports that in the one year they have been producing fruit butter spreads (think apple butter, plus some really interesting versions like peach, plum, and green tomato), they've expanded to sell in more than 20 stores.

(For constantly-updated farmer news, click here.)

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