Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will Hurricane Irene affect local farmers?

At least one local farm is bracing for the worst as Hurricane Irene travels up the east coast.  The folks at Laughing Goat Fiber Farm are rushing to move hay bales inside to keep them dry for long term storage over the winter.  They've put out a call to our local Ithaca Crop Mob to help their efforts.

Here's a message from Rachel Firak, Ithaca Crop Mob organizer and Groundswell Program Assistant:

Hi crop mobbers,

As all of you have probably heard, Hurricane Irene is coming up the coast this weekend. Though we are farther inland, we still may see some damage, and our farmers are preparing for the worst. It's pretty insane that Central NY has seen an earthquake, severe thunderstorm, tornado, and hurricane all in one week. In this time of flux and instability, our farmers need our support as much as ever.

Lisa from Laughing Goat Fiber Farm needs some emergency mobbers to help her bring in the hay bales for her goats, sheep and alpacas tomorrow before the rains come.
 If the bales get soaked, they will not store over the winter. We need to mobilize some help to bring in 400 bales tomorrow (Saturday 8/27) around 12 noon. If the rains threaten earlier, we will need to meet in the morning and move quickly. Laughing Goat is located at 1485 Mecklenburg Rd. Ithaca, NY.

We know this is short notice and we welcome any time you can spare. If you can make it, please email us at and let us know that you will be there.

Let's join together in sending thoughts of strength and solidarity this weekend to all who may be in the path of the storm.


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