Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New mushroom blog sprouts in CNY

Here's a note from local permaculture expert, Steve Gabriel:

"I'm announcing a new blog covering my interest and exploration into small woodlot, mushroom cultivation, and agroforestry topics.

In a time of increased ecological awareness and understanding, I am encouraged by the signs of activity all around, from bustling farm CSAs to alternative energy development to the surge in home gardening and food preservation.

An area that needs considerable attention in our region are the mosaic of forested lands that provide so many important functions. Most management decisions are in the interests of either timber or conservation, which limits both the potential for forest health and land-based livelihood.

I will be posting once a week in an effort to encourage discussion, document my activities, and as a way to motivate me to keep moving forward! There's nothing like a deadline to keep ones pursuits active.

You can find posts at I encourage you to visit periodically, or sign up with your email address, which will deliver posts once a week to your inbox. You can sign up on the left column of the page.

Comments, questions, and criticism welcome. Response appropriate for the public can be posted on site, or you can contact me at"

Steve Gabriel
Work With Nature - Ecological Design Solutions

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