Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Construction continues on BJ's Wholesale Club

A new BJ's Wholesale Club is taking shape in Lansing, NY, near the location of the Target and YMCA. The construction began last spring after months of negotiations with the town of Lansing. The Cornell Daily Sun has the backstory.

This makes Ithaca's Food Web wonder when the food and grocery market here in Tompkins County and Ithaca will experience a glut. Just off the top of my head, we have:

P&C Fresh
Greenstar Co-op
Ithaca Farmers Market, plus other farm markets
Farm stands, including Early Bird Farm, BB Farm, Eddydale, and many others.
And, the future Neighborhood Pride store in Fall Creek

And, the Walmart Superstore and Target grocery section. (thanks mhaithaca!)

... all to service a county of 100,000.

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  1. Don't forget that in addition to the Tops and formerly-P&C Tops up in the northeast, Target has a pretty substantial grocery section (just no fresh food, I guess). In the southwest, Wal-Mart's expansion means they essentially have a full-size supermarket in a corner of their superstore.

    Most frustrating about all this is that the southeast corner of town hasn't benefited. All we have is the crappy renamed P&C Fresh, which Tops was forced to hand back to the clods that ran the company into the ground in the first place.

  2. So true -- can't believe I forgot about Walmart and Target (I'm updating the post now). And, yes, with Southside so close to Rte 13, I can't believe pedestrian access is so bad. Although there are sidewalks (yay), it's gotta be tough to navigate through the parking lots. I haven't been to the Southside Congo Square Market, but hopefully that's a step in the right direction.