Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Announcement: KIDS COOKING CAMP!


Looking for a great & fun way to introduce your kids to the wonders of creating delicious meals and nutritious food?

Joey Gates offers delicious cooking classes and day camps for kids and teens with the Sol Kitchen!


Cooking Camp provides an informative and entertaining way for kids, aged 8 and up, to learn about the food web, some old-fashioned and new-fangled cooking techniques as well as
how to nourish themselves and others.

Our sessions will include field trips to see where our food comes from, lessons on how the alchemy of turning ingredients into meals happens, time to begin creating a personal cookbook and techniques such as solar oven cooking, all in a close-knit and supportive atmosphere. To end the class, we will create a celebration meal to be shared.

Tuition includes all materials and is offered on a sliding scale. In-kind exchange, barter and scholarship options are available.

April 18-21 Foundations of Food
4-day session covering topics from soil to supper
Cost: $250-$300

July 11-14 – The Height of Summer
4-day session exploring the bounty of local farms
Cost: $250-$300

August 15-18 – Camp Foods & Cook Outs
4-day session with lessons on cooking outside
Cost: $250-$300


May 7 – Mothers’ Day Morsels
Half-day class making treats for Mom
Cost: $35-$50 (sliding scale)
Ages 8+

May 27-30 – Pack a Memorable May Picnic
Four half-day sessions on portable dishes to pass
Cost: $50/day or all 4 for $175
Ages: 8+

June 18 – Fathers’ Day Féte
Half-day class making treats for Dad
Cost: $35-$50 (sliding scale)
Ages: 8+

Contact Joey Gates AT: 387-7799 or
Email her at:

Joey holds a Masters Degree in Sustainability. She has a sincere love for children and a deep
commitment to living lightly and joyously in harmony with our planet. All classes meet at her historic farmhouse in Mecklenburg, N.Y. Transportation information is available, and carpooling is encouraged.

A note from Joey:
"My exploration of healthy cooking began at the age of 21 as I experienced the health effects of a 280 point cholesterol level. A book from a caring friend, about the joys and benefits of
eating whole foods, set me on a lifelong path of healthy cooking and living. This ultimately opened my eyes to the most basic of our connections with the natural world and I welcome others to join me on the journey. For children particularly, I have seen how important
nutrition is right from the start as we build foundations for their future health."

Private cooking lessons and birthday party classes are also available.

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