Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Local greenhouse produces greens during the snowy winter

From The Post-Standard:
"   The midmorning temperature on the hillside just outside Ithaca is 18 degrees. Light snow is falling. The landscape is bleak, and the ground is pure white.
   Inside the Finger Lakes Fresh greenhouse, just off Route 13 in Dryden, the temperature is 75. The air is heavy and humid. The floor is a shimmering sea of green.
   Here, on a Central New York midwinter morning, heads of Boston, romaine, baby arugula and other lettuce varieties, plus basil and a leafy green called pac choi, grow in a water-based system called hydroponics. They float on roughly a foot of warm water, soaking in nutrients." more...

Note: Ithaca's Food Web wrote about Finger Lakes Fresh in the past.

Photos from Finger Lakes Fresh

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  1. What I want to know is how much energy goes into a head of lettuce. I think the idea of local food is also to respect local climate. We have four seasons here in New York...

  2. you're not the first one to wonder that... haven't had the chance to find out more but one person i know was thinking that perhaps more nutrient-dense greens would be better...