Thursday, October 31, 2013

Successful Trumansburg Farm for Sale

After seven years of successful farming and building a loyal CSA following, Sweetland Farm owners Evangeline and Paul have announced that their farm is for sale, citing personal reasons.

On the Sweetland Farm website, Evangeline wrote "Paul and I love Sweet Land.  Sweet Land Farm is a place of nourishment, beauty, and abundance for so many people, ourselves included. Often at the farm I would catch myself looking up and would not quite believe that the farm was real because it was so gorgeous, and because the time between inception to fruition was mind bogglingly fast as far as farms go.  It filled us with wonder to watch what we imagined and dreamed become reality.

The price for the buildings, land, and fruit and garden plantings is $400,000. Farm equipment is available at an additional cost. More details at: Sweetland Farm for Sale.

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