Saturday, April 27, 2013

Article: Are Ramps Being Overharvested?

Article from Farming the Woods:

Anyone who has come across the Ramp, or Wild Leekallium tricoccum, likely can't help but feel a sense of abundance; these often show up in clusters that can range from a few square feet to a solid quarter acre or more of green. It's a welcome gift of the forest in this time of year, as the forest wakes up from a long winter's nap. Ramps are mostly commonly found in the rich, moist soils of deciduous forests. The best patches often occur on North facing slopes and long stream beds.

Unfortunately, because so many of the high-value woodland plants (Ramps included) are in danger of being overharvested, and because we have degraded our forests down so much, enjoying the food and medicinal aspects of these plants in the future may require us to grow them.


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