Monday, January 7, 2013

Planning to Launch a Poultry Enterprise in 2013?

Announcement from Cornell Small Farms Program:

Don't Chicken Out - Get Ready to Launch a Poultry Enterprise in 2013! 

Chickens, ducks and turkeys can be a profitable addition to any farm, but you have to have solid skills to select the best breeds, understand how to feed them well, keep them healthy, and protect them from predators. You'll also need to understand the options for processing and packaging them, regulations around marketing poultry, how the numbers work out financially for your farm. 

Luckily, there's an online course you can take this January that will help guide you through the mountains of information needed to be successful. BF 130: Poultry Production - Profiting from Layers, Broilers, Turkeys, and Ducks is a 6-week course led by farmer and Cornell Cooperative Extension educator Lynn Bliven. It starts Jan 10, 2013 and runs through Feb. 14. 

You will learn the basics of poultry production from field to plate, including breed selection, flock management, cost of production, and marketing regulations. 

The course costs $200 and features weekly live webinars, practical farm-based perspectives, videos of successful farm practices, abundant hand-picked readings, and the opportunity to interact and learn from your fellow learners as well as your instructors. Students completing the course will receive a certificate of completion issued by the Cornell Small Farms Program. 

Check out the complete course description at and register soon! The course starts January 10, 2013.

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