Thursday, December 6, 2012

Local Harvest Holiday Challenge (from Get Your Greenback Tompkins)

From Karim Beers, Get Your GreenBack Tompkins Campaign Coordinator:

Local Harvest Holiday Challenge

Looking to combine local jobs, healthy eating, community building, fighting hunger, and creative giving in this holiday season? The Get Your GreenBack Tompkins coalition encourages you this December to consider giving the gift of local food and take the Local Harvest Holiday Challenge.

*Use local ingredients in your holiday recipes--how about a root vegetable roast?
*Eat local meat--from turkey to venison, our region is well endowed with native protein
*Pick up a market box filled with affordable local produce—or help others get one
*Gift local foods--local maple syrup, honey, bread, and homemade canned goods make a distinctive and delicious gift
*Drink local--there is so much more holiday cheer in local beer, wine, cider, and coffee!
*Enjoy a night out at a restaurant that serves local food
*Beside being delicious and wholesome, local food supports the livelihood of 100s of farmers, restaurant workers, contributes to ending hunger, and builds community.

Go to to learn about integrating local food into your holiday season, and to share your own local recipes and ideas. Get Your GreenBack Tompkins is a community-based campaign that encourages all 42,000 households and all businesses in Tompkins County to take a step to save energy and money.

Local food. Good for you, good for your loved ones, good for the whole community.

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