Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Job Post: Garden Manager Opening with Ithaca Children's Garden

Job announcement:

The Ithaca Children's Garden seeks a part-time, seasonal Garden Manager 20 hrs/wk, April-October.

Please submit resume and cover letter by April 10th either electronically to Erin Marteal, enm6@cornell.edu or to Ithaca Children's Garden: Garden Manager Search, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850

Detailed position description below:

Title: Garden Manager
Employer: Ithaca Children's Garden
Location: Ithaca Children's Garden, Rt. 89, south end of Cass Park
Supervisor: ICG Executive Director


This individual is responsible for supporting on-site garden-based learning through the overall maintenance, development, and oversight of the Ithaca Children's Garden physical garden site. The Garden Manager is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating activities that support the maintenance of a public children's garden at a high standard.  The successful garden site manager will promote plant health, keep all physical elements of the garden site in good repair, ensure visitor safety, provide education to the public about site work in progress and upcoming, and prioritize all work according to the mission and vision of the Ithaca Children's Garden in alignment with education program needs.  This includes working with the ICG site and education committees, ICG staff, designers, contractors, and volunteers.  The Garden Manager collaborates closely with the Youth
Horticulture Apprentice Program (YHAP) Coordinator and the teen horticulture apprentices that help maintain the Garden in July and August.

Collaboration and communication is expected with community youth programs, horticultural businesses and institutions, contractors, City parks and forestry staff, and others as appropriate.

This position is fully grant funded and employment is subject to availability of funds.  Hours fluctuate seasonally and are contingent on funding.

Employment Dates: April 17– October 31, 2012, with possibility of extension.


¨       Responsible for the overall maintenance of the Ithaca Children's Garden during the growing season in alignment with garden-based learning priorities.

¨       Communicate daily with YHAP coordinator about site maintenance priorities.

¨       Work in collaboration with the YHAP coordinator to involve teen apprentices in garden development projects in July and August.

¨       Communicate weekly with volunteer coordinator about volunteer groups and appropriate garden projects.

¨       Assist in teaching horticultural skills to teen apprentices.

¨       Lead volunteer groups, working field trips, and service-learning groups in garden work.

¨       Lead regularly scheduled garden tours to visitors and program participants.

¨       Lead weekly drop-in volunteer sessions

¨       Participate on the ICG site committee; facilitate communication as needed.

¨       Work with education staff and volunteers to ensure that site development activities include an educational dimension for youth and adults.

¨       Recruit volunteers as appropriate for community build efforts.

¨       Arrange for mowing services and make sure the site is kept neat and attractive.  Inspect site regularly to ensure high standards of maintenance.

¨       Secure supplies and other resources:  soil, plants, building materials, etc. as needed for gardening projects and educational programming.  Request donations or negotiate discounts when appropriate.

¨       Work with designers hired to work on garden design.

¨       Coordinate the work of hired contractors.  Ensure all issues are addressed so work proceeds as intended.  Work with contractors as needed to make adjustments if necessary. Inspect all work according to contract specifications.

¨       Keep the Executive Director informed about site development progress and concerns.

¨       Keep meticulous records of all work completed at site and provide timely reports.

¨       Responsible for developing, implementing, and balancing site budget.


S/he receives functional supervision from the ICG Executive Director and works in collaboration with the Youth Horticulture Apprentice Program Coordinator. Plans work with input from ICG Site and Design Committee and with approval from the ICG Executive Director. Works independently to arrange schedule, acquire materials and facilitate project implementation.   This position requires supervision of program assistants, volunteers, and interns to meet program needs as well as coordination of work with contractors and others involved in site development and educational programming. S/he will participate in staff meetings as deemed necessary by supervisors.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

¨       Ability to delegate and supervise tasks.

¨       Ability to develop volunteer and other community resources, to support program activities.

¨       Ability to serve as an effective representative and educator to the visiting public

¨       Ability to participate effectively in professional team efforts.

¨       Ability to secure and manage resources.

¨       Excellent organization skills

¨       Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively with adults and youth as people of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds as well as the business community.

¨       Skills in oral and written communication.

¨       Ability to evaluate and document program participation and effectiveness.

¨       Knowledge of proper garden tool maintenance and use and ability to train others in safe, appropriate tool usage.

¨       Demonstrated ability to be in a supportive and empowering role with others.


¨       Knowledge of youth development issues:  social, cultural, and developmental.

¨       Ability to plan, organize, deliver, and evaluate informal education programs directed primarily at youth.

Education and Experience Required

¨       BA/BS degree in horticulture, or other related field plus one year experience required.

¨       Gardening knowledge and experience.

¨       Experience supervising landscaping activities, people, and projects.

¨       Demonstrated cultural competency to involve people of diverse backgrounds and experience developing and directing cross-cultural activities.

¨       Excellent organizational, interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

¨       Word processing and spreadsheet computer skills.

¨       Experience gathering, maintaining and reporting information including financial and program data

Special Requirements

¨       Ability to work a flexible schedule including some evenings and weekends.

¨       Ability to meet travel demands of the position.

Title:                                      Garden Manager, Ithaca Children's Garden
Salary/wages:                        $15.00
Hours/Benefits:                     Position is temporary April 17-October 31, part-time with the possibility of extension, 20 hours per week

This is not a benefits-eligible position

Application Deadline:            April 10 or until a suitable candidate is found.  Submit resume and application to Ithaca Children's Garden: Garden Manager Search, 615 Willow Avenue, Ithaca,
NY 14850.

Inquiries: Submit cover letter and resume to: Erin Marteal, enm6@cornell.edu

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