Wednesday, January 18, 2012

News from Tree Gate Farm

Sharon from Tree Gate Farm sent me this update last week and announced the launch of her farm blog, with recent posts on farming in winter and chicken news.

From Tree Gate Farm:
"After another week of unseasonably mild temperatures that lured us outdoors to finish the many chores outstanding from the end of the 2011 growing season, it's been a delight to see big, fat, white flakes falling from the sky and turn our attention inward. Like the broody hens on their nest, we farmers have hunkered down to hatch a few new ventures. In late December, we ordered seven varieties of spuds in anticipation of another Technicolor harvest and in early January, placed the first of four seed orders, including a few quirky new root veggies and surprising shades of familiar fruits. Earlier this week, the farmer up the road who supplies our piglets confirmed that the sows have been bred and the farmer fabricating our hoophouse frame in Penn Yan scheduled a delivery date. Spring may be months away, but it's hard to tamp down a growing excitement about all that the 2012 season has in store!"

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