Monday, January 2, 2012

Maple Syrup CSA Shares Available

Announcement from Sapsquatch:

Happy New Year from Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup!
Buy your 2012 shares and memberships today!

Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup celebrates 5 years of sugarmaking in 2012!
 Sign up for your CSA shares before Feb. 4th and show your support for
sustainable local agriculture.   Signing up for a share now guarantees
your 2012 gallon, while also helping Sapsquatch with this seasons
upfront expenses such as maple tubing and syrup containers.  You may
also put your name on a waiting list for gallons, quarts and pints.

Sapsquatch CSA Shares:

Single - $80 specify 1 gallon or 4 quarts, add $20 for shipping
Family - $120 1 gallon, 4 pints, 2 250 ml maple glass, 4 50 ml maple
glass stocking stuffers, add $40 for shipping

Send checks to Sapsquatch, 438 N. Geneva St., Ithaca, NY 14850 or
email for further details

Sapsquatch is a family-run small business.  We work hard to supply our
community with high quality sustainably produced maple syrup.  Syrup
production is hard on the body and the spirit, demanding many
sleepless nights during the boiling season and many months of syrup
sales in order to break even.  Small-scale producers have an extremely
difficult time competing with “the big boys”, semi-automated
commercial operations with 4000 taps or more and hundreds of thousands
invested in infrastructure and equipment.
We at Sapsquatch have a vision of staying on the smaller scale, using
traditional methods of production, nurturing a small family business
while offering an educational and tourism destination to the public.

Please consider becoming a member this year and help us meet our goals
for the next 5 years:
       Finish the sugarshack with walls, tanks storage and wood storage.
       Increase production to 150 gallons per year by purchasing a
new evaporator, more tanks, lines, 4x4 pick up truck with tank, second
sap pump
       Build a working kitchen and bunks at the sugarshack
       Offer yearly apprentice position, educational classes and tours

Any contribution above $50 will earn you member status, syrup
discounts, free admission to all of our special events, subscription
to our newsletter and a personalized guided tour for you and your
family along with some tasty local food.  Working memberships are also
available.  For inquiries contact Josh at


$ 50 Bucket Carrier – bucket carriers help us with basic necessities
like taps, buckets, sap lines and fittings, syrup containers and
kitchen staples. 1 year 10% discount.
$100 Wood Chopper – Woodchoppers help us with axes, mauls,
construction and landscaping tools, hardware and wood. 1 year 15%
$250 Sugarmaker – sugarmakers can help us buy new sap storage tanks,
new syrup labels, footers for our new kitchen and storage areas, buy
new mainline and mainline hardware, and help us maintain our existing
infrastructure. 2 year 20% discount.
$1000 and Up - Sapsquatch Champion – Campion members can help us
purchase high price tag items like our new evaporator, new chainsaw
and Alaskan sawmill, 2nd sap pump, kitchen stove, siding for the shack
and kitchen, roofing material, kitchen equipment, a 4x4 farm truck and
help us with farm development projects like solar/ wind arrays, road
and trail development, water management and a new parking area.
Sapsquatch Champions also enable us to provide affordably priced maple
syrup in Ithaca’s low-income communities.  5 year 25% discount.

Send checks to Sapsquatch, 438 N. Geneva St., Ithaca, NY 14850 or
email for further details

2012 Events

Sapsquatch Fundraiser – Feb 4. 6 pm- 12am  Location TBA.  Come enjoy
music, friends and food.  Sign up for your share of the 2012 syrup
harvest and learn about the volunteering for the sugarbush experience
The Sugarbush Experience – volunteer at Sapsquatch on Weekends and
weekdays (by appointment only) Feb. 25 – April 1.  Learn to make maple
syrup the old way over a wood fire. Hone your woodswoman and woodsman
skills; chop wood, carry sap buckets, tap trees and hang sap lines,
boil and bottle maple syrup, cook on cast iron and teach a class to
visitors!  Sapsquatch is located down in the woods at 2247 Mecklenburg
Rd., Enfield, NY
Sapsquatch Maple Weekends –  March 17-18, March 24-25; celebrate the
harvest, pick up your shares!  Tours, sledding, pancakes and sugaring
all weekend.  Stop by on Saturday night for a late night sugaring
celebration. Sapsquatch is located down in the woods at 2247
Mecklenburg Rd., Enfield, NY

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