Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to eat lettuce

Lettuce = salad, right?  Not necessarily.

*Soups (might sound weird, but they are great!)

Try using big flexible lettuce leaves as wrappers for other foods, the way it’s done at Korean BBQs. Assemble the wraps right at the table.
Also try: fried rice, any taco fillings, bean salads, etc.

Make lettuce the main event in your sandwich.

Use the crunchiest parts of lettuce for dipping in hummus or mayo-based dips, along with other veggies. (this is how my preschooler eats lettuce)

*Stir fries (yes, you can cook lettuce!)
Throw shredded lettuce into a stir-fry for some extra texture. If you have delicate lettuce varieties, just throw it in at the last minute to wilt.

And, of course, you can always eat salads:

*Small salads
The simplest salad: a mix of different lettuce greens drizzled with dressing
The simplest salad plus generous amounts of chopped herbs
The simplest salad plus cheese, fruit, and/or nuts (try fresh or dried fruit, grated cheese or chunks of cheese)
The simplest salad plus homemade croutons

*Hearty salads
Simple salad plus beans (chickpeas, black-eyed peas, black beans, etc)
Simple salad plus heaps of veggies (try raw or cooked, grilled veggies are fabulous)
Simple salad plus an egg (try hard boiled, fried, or poached)
Simplest salad plus meat (works great with leftover chicken, beef, etc)
Simple salad plus fish (fresh cooked or canned tuna or salmon, for example)

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