Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ithaca Crop Mob at Sapsquatch (5/28/2011)

An announcement from the Ithaca Crop Mob:

Ithaca Crop Mob at Sapsquatch

When: Sat. May 28th
Time: 11am-3pm
What to Bring: a full water bottle, wear closed toed shoes, and dress for the weather. Work gloves would come in handy, as would a change of clothes for your kids (in case they get wet playing in the creek). Please bring a full place setting for yourselves. See below for additional useful tools, etc. Please leave your dogs at home.

Here's info and directions from Sapsquatch:

About: Sapsquatch is a is a small-scale community supported sugarbush with about 500 taps. We produce a variety of maple products and offer educational events on the farm. We are also harvesting ramps every spring to sell at local restaurants, innoculating logs for future mushroom production and looking into other long term native crops such as Ginseng.

Crop Mob Tasks: We will be getting in wood for the 2012 maple season. If anyone is a confident chopper, bring your splitting mauls. We could also use a heavy duty cart or 3 if anyone has access. We have been busy thinning out a new section of sugarbush which will be tapped for the first time next year. There are many piles of wood that needs to be moved to our chopping and staging area then stacked in the shack. Kids can look for ramp seeds while adults haul wood and are welcome to play in the creek if parents are ok with mud. We will feed the crew ramp pesto pasta for lunch.

Location: 2247 Mecklenburg Rd., Enfield, NY 14850

Directions from Ithaca: Take the #20 Tcat to Enfield 4 Corners then walk 1/2 mile west to the first driveway past the bridge, or drive to 2247. 1st driveway is enter only, exit around the other side of the house. The house, barn and fenced area past pond are private please. To get to the sugarshack follow signs to the left of the big red barn down the trail aprox. 500ft to the sugarshack.

Please rsvp to: ithacacropmob@gmail.com.

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