Sunday, May 22, 2011

Announcement: Finger Lakes chapter of Slow Food regroups with new activities and leadership

An announcement from Sharon Clarke at Slow Food Finger Lakes:

The Slow Food Finger Lakes chapter is again open for action!

I've been in contact with the Slow Food USA folks and with Ed Yowell the Northeast contact who are both eager to see the Finger Lakes chapter revived and succeed.  Over the next few months I'll be planning various activities ranging from farm tours and cider tastings to gleanings or Crop Mob invitations around the region. Not every event will appeal to everyone interested in Slow Food but hopefully there will be enough interest in most of them to begin congregating a broad-based membership.  If you have ideas for things for us to do, places for us to visit, please contact me.

Although, I'm taking on the mission of reviving the chapter to thrive and last it must become a share venture.  If you are interested in sharing the organizing and planning duties for your area please let me know. I'm based near Ithaca, but because we are going to wander the region more help is welcome.

If you are receiving this it is because you have expressed an interest getting involved OR you were recommended by someone who is getting involved.  Email will be sparse (unless you contact me, of course!).  If you don't want to receive any notices from me by email please let me know and I'll immediately remove you from the group list I use.  If you know someone who might like to become involved please ask them to contact me at this email address.

Now, for a few 'Getting Started' details. Here is a basic outline of what SF FLX will be striving for.

'In talking to SFUSA to get their 'OK' to start things up again I told them I want SF FLX efforts to tie into 2 of their national programs: Slow Food in Schools and Terra Madre.  I'd like to build a broad based membership of all ages and I'd also like to see us work with producers/farmers.  Also, because of a concern with our local-regional food system AND because I noticed that other SF chapters are urban focused, I'm setting a mission that our chapter will encompass a 100 mile radius.  These three points (broad based membership, farmer-producer participation and 100 mile reach) mean that not all of our activities will be of interest to all members, but that over time most will be.  Anyway, that's what I envision. I'd appreciate getting comments from anyone interested in reviving the Finger Lakes chapter.'


I am in discussion with Heather Sandford of The Piggery about our first activity together being a visit to her farm followed by a cook out of their yummy hot dogs (some call them the best they've ever had!).  This will be a kid-friendly event, a chance for us to start getting to know each other and if we are lucky to meet some baby piglets who Heather and Brad and anxiously waiting to be born!

I am also in contact with Kurt Forman of the Finger Lakes Organic Growers Cooperative about making an event up their way.  He's in Ontario County.

AND not everything is about farms.  I'm trying to rustle up a honey tasting event for some time this summer.  Any suggestions, anyone?

LASTLY.  If good, clean food is on your radar you may have heard of the plans for a national FOOD DAY (October 24, 2011) being spearheaded by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.  I've been asked to help coordinate the regional activities.  If you'd like to get involved, our first brainstorming will be in early June. Get in touch with me if you'd like to be notified of more details.

Phew! I think that's enough e-chatter from me for this initial contact.  Oh, there are other ways to reach SF FLX.  Look on facebook for our Fan page.  'Like' us, please!  You can find us on twitter @slowfoodFLX or blogging SF FLX news on  All of these are new and developing so keep checking back!

Happy Eating!
Sharon Clarke

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