Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cornell's Food and Fiber Fair participants

Wow, the Cornell Food and Fiber Fair on November 18, 2010 featured tons of great vendors and initiatives!

The event started with a "lightning round" of introductions and brief presentations by these groups:

Ithaca's Food Web
Cornell Small Farms Program
Beginning Farmer Project
Farm to Cornell
Cornell Sustainability Coordinators (Cornell Dining)
Cornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins and NYS
Windsong Farm
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
Mann Library (Local and Regional Food Systems Guide)
New World Agriculture and Ecology Group
Greenstar Market
Ithaca Crop Mob
Full Plate Collective
McDaniels Nut Grove
NE Mushroom Growers Network
Ithaca Community Harvest
Cornell Garden Based Learning
Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners
NE Food Fracking Workgroup
Good Life Farm
Wide Awake Bakery
Farmer Ground Flour

In addition, these vendors and groups also offered information, insight, and products at the fair:

Little Tree Orchards
Hilker Haven Farm
Caravan Fiber Farm
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Manndible Café
Laughing Goat Fiber
Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese
Stick & Stone Farm
Dilmun Hill

The 2010 Mann Library Local Food & Fiber Planning Committee organized the event:

Liz Brown
Shirley Cowles
Eveline Ferretti
Jim Morris-Knower
Angela Morse
Jeff Piestrak
Howard Raskin
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