Thursday, July 29, 2010

NYS Locavore Challenge

NOFA-NY, an organic farming association within New York State, has launched a locavore challenge open to anyone in the state.

During month of September, participants agree to spend either a day, a week, or a month eating only local foods.  What's local?  That's defined as 250 miles from you.

Lest you think you have to give up your coffee, there are exceptions to the rules.  You are invited to use spices and choose five items that you can't live without, such as coffee, chocolate, and olive oil.

For more information, see the NOFA-NY website.

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  1. I did a similar challenge a few years ago and it was amazing. I was buying from 100 miles whenever possible, and for at least the 3 months that I kept track of, I was eating 80% from within 100 miles, 70% of which was organic (either labeled or from reputable spray-free farmers that didn't pay for the branding). The most amazing part was that my food budget was slashed, down to about one third of what I used to pay for food.

    The easy aspects became habits that I still follow today. The hard to find local items (like cereals, granola, flour...) came back into my diet though. Good luck to anyone trying this challenge! It's well worth it

  2. Nice! I think it's great that they're doing a challenge where you can choose your level -- a day, a week, or a month. If you try too much at once, it can get really overwhelming, and yet challenging yourself where you are can really get you reconsidering habits.