Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ithaca's Crop Mob saves the beans

Save the beans!  That was the gist of the call sent out this week to Ithaca's Crop Mob, an informal group of volunteers that helps out at small local farms.  This Sunday, the group will head to Cayuga Pure Organics to weed around the newly-planted adzuki beans.  

Cayuga Pure Organics specializes in growing grains and beans, staples that complement the plethora of local vegetable, dairy, and meat farms here in the Finger Lakes.  This year, Cayuga Pure Organics planted adzuki beans for the first time and discovered that they grow slower than other beans -- and opportunistic weeds.  So, they called on the Mob to help save the beans from being overtaken by the weeds.  For information about how to volunteer with this or future events, see the Crob Mob Google Group.

And, FYI, adzuki beans are originally from Asia, and often used to make sweet bean paste, sprouts, or even boiled with tea.

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