Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Ithaca's Food Web! (again)

Welcome and thanks for reading Ithaca's Food Web. Whether you've been visiting for five years or five minutes, thank you for reading!

Ithaca's Food Web is different from other sources of food info. Why? Because we:
-champion transparency in the food system (we don't promote any one particular ideology)
-specialize in food news from all corners of the food system (from academics to activists, from farmers to foodies, and everyone in between)
-are based here in Ithaca (and we're not controlled by some far-off corporation)
-are all ears (feedback, announcements, and guest posts are welcome)

With our latest 2013 design changes, we've made the site even easier to navigate. You'll find:
-tabs at the top of the page for the most commonly requested information
-a concise listing of local food resources
-an improved calendar of events
-more intuitive navigation of "topics" on the right sidebar
-and more content, with reader polls, answers to reader questions, and more news-you-can-use.

This site is dedicated to bringing you useful and fun information about food, right here in our own backyard. How are we doing?


  1. the website is beautiful! can't wait to check out the changes. nicely done. -marlo