Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something New at Ithaca's Food Web

Farmers, foodies, grocers, restauranteurs, and food news hounds abound in Ithaca. How can anyone possibly keep up with them all?

Many people in our food scene have their own blogs, and here at Ithaca's Food Web, we've organized them into a few convenient pages, listed below. Permanent links are hiding over in the left column.

Farm Updates
Cooking, Preserving, and More
Updates from Food Retailers
Restaurant and Bar Blogs
More Local Food News

How does it work? These pages are updated automatically via RSS feeds, so headlines from each of the blogs shows up as they are updated on the original blogs. Each headline leads back to the original blog. So, every time you go to one of the pages above, you'll see the most recent headlines from the best Ithaca food bloggers around.

What do you think? Useful or not? Know of a blog or Facebook page that should be included? Comment below or email ithacasfoodweb@gmail.com

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