Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farmageddon, Ithaca film premiere with panel discussion

Announcement from NWAEG at Cornell:

Wed Nov 2 • 7:00pm
Willard Straight Theatre
directed by Kristin Canty
Steve & Barb Smith of Meadowsweet Farms in Lodi, NY
A. Fay Benson of Small Dairy Support, CU Extension

A wake up call for anyone who eats food: this nervy documentary promotes a healthy paranoia about the USDA and FDA's "war" on the small farmers of the local foods movement. The farmers and consumers interviewed in the film make the persuasive argument that federal and state agencies focus their monitoring on small scale producers when food-related illnesses are historically traceable to genetically modified foods, factory farming, and large-scale livestock facilities. Surveillance footage of raids on Mennonite farms and food co-ops, interviews with FDA officials, and agricultural experts round out this articulate argument for promoting access to local, healthful foods. Cosponsored with GreenStar Cooperative Market

For more about the film, see the Farmageddon website.

Farmageddon features a farm from Lodi, Meadowsweet, that sells raw milk to members of its LLC. DEtails about an ongoing legal battle between the farm and the NYS Ag and Markets can be found on the Farm to Consumer website.

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