Friday, April 1, 2011

Regional Access founder Gary Redmond promoted local foods before the trend began

Local food pioneer Gary Redmond started the distribution company Regional Access in the late 1980s and grew it into a thriving business that serves buying clubs, colleges, grocery stores, local wineries and, even the NY Governor’s Mansion on occasion.  He passed away unexpectedly on March 29, 2011.

An excerpt from the Ithaca Journal:

"In 1988, he opened Regional Access out of his home in Ithaca. Long before locavore was a word and sustainability the guideline for responsible citizenry, Gary's commitment to supporting and connecting local farms with markets defied conventional wisdom. He believed deeply that all participants in a food system should be treated fairly and equally, and that profits were secondary to good health and community."

Read the full Gary Redmond obituary here.

For more about Gary Redmond, see the post and podcast on the Eating Ithaca blog.

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