Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is food production compatible with natural gas drilling?

Is local food production compatible with natural gas drilling?

According to the Coalition to Protect New York (CPNY) Summit Outreach Working Group, the answer is a resounding "no."  The group created the following brochure to describe the problems natural gas hydrofracking presents to food production (click on the images to see the pages):

Martha Goodsell, owner of Fallow Hollow Deer Farm, said that she raised concerns about local food and natural gas drilling at a meeting last fall.  "An agricultural educator (a doubting Thomas about the dangers of fracking) said 'show me the science. After a 24 page collection of scientific studies, articles, and websites, I decided that the information had to go public." The result was the brochure, which a number of individuals helped edit, add, clarify and refine. 

The Outreach Working Group highlights numerous problems gas drilling presents for agriculture, including:
*soil contamination
*heavy metals
*soil erosion and compaction
*farmland fragmentation
*water usage
*ozone impacts and decreasing yields
*vulnerability to invasive species
*falling reproductive rates
*livestock poisonings
*threats to organic agriculture
*accumulation of toxics in the foodchain
*in adequate food safety inspections
*economic impacts

Sources for the information provided in the brochure can be found at:

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