Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ludgate Farms family looking to "pass the torch"

A message direct from Michael Ludgate, of Ludgate Farms:

"You might hear rumors or you might see the real estate listing.
We are not closing! Here is what is really happening! :-)

After 37 years as a family business and no heirs to take it into the next generation, the Ludgate family is exploring new options. It has been especially difficult to manage without "The Squire" around to keep watch over everything. I think we: (Roberta, Linda and Mike) are ready to try something new. Our first choice right now would be to "pass the torch" of the family business to another family, person or group who could take Ludgate Farms to the next level - some youthful enthusiasm would be terrific right now! The food business has changed a lot in 37 years and is now entering another really exciting period with all this interest local, renewable and sustainable. We have taken what we think is the logical first step; this is a business that works the best if the owners are living on the premises - so we have put the entire business and real estate on the market. The asking price is reasonable; just a bit more that the value of the real estate plus inventory. This would be an excellent opportunity for an energetic person or family to jump right into an established farm market with a loyal customer base.

How can you help? It would really helpful to the Ludgate Family at this point in time to find an enthusiastic buyer as soon as possible so we can offer a smooth transition for our customers and employees. If you know someone who fits that profile, please pass this letter on to them. General questions can go to Mike here at Ludgate Farms mjl@ludgatefarms.com . Serious real estate inquiries will be referred to our realtor, Joel Abrams at Lama Companies joel@lamacompanies.com or 607.273.4814"

Thanks for your support,
The Ludgate Family :-)

Michael Ludgate

Folks have been asking about fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys. We are taking reservations now. MORE info here http://www.ludgatefarms.com/

Ludgate Farms http://www.ludgatefarms.com/
Selling local and organic food for 37 years
1552 Hanshaw Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850
Telephone 607.257.1765

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  1. Wow - what an opportunity. I wonder what will happen? And if they go out of business, where will I buy my beluga lentils?!?!?

  2. I know! When I told Chris, he said "so you want to buy it?" but of course we can only handle one mortgage at a time and we know nothing about managing a store.