Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LACS students sell acorn squash for fundraiser

Announcement from the Lehman Alternative Community School:

Winter Squash Sale

The LACS Localvores will be selling BEAUTIFUL acorn winter squash for the next week. Community members can purchase the squash in a number of different ways:
Number 1 prime: 1 bushel: $25
Number 1 prime: ½ bushel: $14
Seconds: 1 bushel: $18
Seconds: ½ bushel:  $10.50
These are organic, local acorn squash and they are truly beautiful. If you are less than well versed as to how to prepare such a delicacy, they will be delivered with a number of excellent recipes.
Those interested need to order the squash within the next week: 10/24 to 11/1 (or you turn into a pumpkin!!)
The proceeds will go toward next year’s Youth Farm Initiative. (Good Stuff/More Veggies!)
If you are interested, please contact Dan Flerlage via e-mail He will arrange for pick on 11/1.

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