Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Local fruit is back in Ithaca!

At today's Ithaca Farmers Market at Dewitt Park, booths overflowed with local veggies... and fruit!

Eating cherries, blushing pink on yellow, bright strawberries, tiny black raspberries, and a handful of black currants lined the tables.  Prices ranged from about $2.50 per half pint to about $6.50 per quart.

One vendor mentioned this year's tough weather for fruit growing.  Unusually high temperatures in the spring followed by killing frosts ruined one entire variety of cherries on his farm.

Another vendor checked out others' prices, trying to convince customers to buy her organic yellow cherries, of an unknown variety -- she planted the trees 20 years ago, before she knew she'd be selling fruit.

Other market goodies include chard, kale, bok choy, potatoes, garlic scapes (the green tops of garlic), lettuce, duck and chicken eggs, and beef, as well as baked goods like challah and cheese danishes and lunch foods like eggs rolls, burritos, and stews.

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