Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WSKG Alternative Radio Features Food Activist

On Wednesday, 2/16/2010, WSKG will air an Alternative Radio program featuring Eric Holt Gimenez, executive director of FoodFirst and the Institute for Food and Development Policy in Oakland, CA.  The program airs at 1pm and repeats at 7pm at 90.9 FM.  Listeners in the Binghamton area can tune into WSQX 91.5 FM at 1pm on Thursday.

Here's an excerpt from the program description:
"We are entering a new food era, one marked by higher prices, growing numbers of hungry people, and an intensifying competition for land and water. A record number of Americans are now living on food stamps. Among the factors responsible for the crisis are the policies of a handful of transnational agri-food monopolies and the use of grain to produce fuel for cars. The sharp climb in grain prices in the last few years underlines the gravity of the situation. The global cost of wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans has roughly tripled, reaching historic highs. What are the alternatives? Local communities and international social movements are promoting sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty."

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