Monday, November 30, 2009

Natural Gas Release Allegedly Kills Calves on NY Dairy Farm

In the following video from Toxics Targeting, a dairy farmer in Freedom, NY describes natural gas drilling problems that led to 80% of his calves dying, the evacuation of 15 families, loss of his drinking water supply, and more.

The farmer found the judge in the case to be unsympathetic, simply offering to bring in town water, which the judge considered better anyway -- even though the farmer disagreed.  

"This is our life," the farmer said. "My grandparents started this and our grandkids are gonna continue.  We think highly of the land and how we farm."

Bixby Hill Road, Freedom, NY, Natural Gas Release Migrates 8,000 feet: Homes Evacuated, Water Wells Polluted, Dairy Herd Threatened (Spill #: 9610441)

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