Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Announcement: Regional food discussions coming soon

The Finger Lakes Bioneers is hosting an upcoming conference, concurrent with a conference in California.  In the following announcement, they've highlighted their conference sessions in food.  Bioneers is a nonprofit educational organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.  


We Make Our Future 
presented by Finger Lakes Bioneers
October 16-18, 2009

"Fortifying Our Foodsheds" - five sessions  
Friday, October 16
FRI/ONE- Follow the Field Crop: From Local Practices to Regional Style, 10:15-11:15
WITH: Thor Oechsner, Oechsner Farm and Farmer Milled Grain; Erick Smith, Cayuga Pure Organics; Tycho Dan, Cayuga Pure Organics.
***We will hear from the next-to-Ithaca producers/farmers themselves now in the midst of establishing the attributes of a locally scaled and sized productive infrastructure for organic grains, beans and flours.They are:-creating a profile of flavor and freshness in these "commodities" that is attracting attention at campuses, fresh markets, bakeries and in homes from the Finger Lakes to the Big Apple. -building awareness in these different marketplaces about newly introduced products and processes.    -exploring the regional feedback loops that emerge from innovating and strengthening new connections.

FRI/TWO- Regional Explorations, Innovations and Strategies, 11:30-12:30WITH: Patrick Martins, Heritage Foods USA; Carlo Peretti, New York Wine and Culinary Center; Becca Jablonski, Madison County Agricultural Economic Development.
***This session will demonstrate multiple approaches to galvanizing taste in both the producer and consumer realms. How to create strategies that help farms to thrive? Via new avenues of promotional enrichment and educational outreach. Expanding a map, a brand, an identity leads to a new awareness of what should be valued - causes and effects inform one another. Seeking a traditional wisdom through newly cultivated culinary outlooks? Locate, seed and tend to a variety of audiences. 

"Beaming Bioneers" HIGHLIGHT: MICHAEL POLLAN will be at California Bioneers today only... thus  Ithaca time zone audience will view around 5PM- see program for details!

Saturday, October 17 
SAT/ONE-Food Literacy for Active Communities and Active Youth, 10:15- 11:15WITH: Antonia and Ariel Demas, Food Studies Institute.
***Mother and daughter... together on stage on their home ground for the first time. We'll have a bit of a whirlwind tour of the last decade of various communities exploring one of the first healthy food curriculums- starting from work begun by Antonia years ago in Trumansburg when her daughter was growing up. Then survey five years of insightful evolution as a Baltimore elementary school expanded its appetite for change and for appetizing learning. We'll gain a new perspective on the most current work they're engaged in: linking community well-being from youth onwards to the care of all ages through a more informed civic engagement with food. 

SAT/TWO- Women Advancing Food and Farming, 11:30-12:30WITH: Julia Reich, Julia Reich Design; Nancy Taber Richards, Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese;Erica Frenay, NY Beginning Farmer project.
***Just as a soil's health can be renewed, so can generational patterns be altered, old ideas freshened and farmscapes revitalized. Networking to learn and learning networks have fed the last thirty years of  alternative agriculture's growth - and onward we go to expand the reach of entrepreneurship. Communicating and practicing the details of economic viability is a constant learning curve. New media savvy can be a rewarding avenue toward enhancing our understanding of agricultural processes and professions. How are women farmers, food artisans, chefs, teachers, bloggers and writers of all ages  building on and beyond a strong legacy of insight amidst recent economic challenges?

SUNDAY October 18  
Special Session
Farm to Fork: Tapping into the Groundswell in Farm-Based Education, 11:30-12:30With: Todd McLane, Westhaven Farm; Rebecca Rodomsky-Bish, New Roots School;  Kelly Wessel, Tompkins Cortland Community College; Chelsea Brous and Parker McDonald, Lehman Alternative Community School, students.
***The Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming ( is a new initiative of the EcoVillage Center for Sustainability Education, working with many partner organizations to provide on-farm training and education programs for beginning farmers, students, and community members. Groundswell’s primary campus is West Haven Farm, a highly successful, 260-member Community Supported Agriculture farm located at EcoVillage. West Haven produces and markets certified organic vegetables and fruits on ten acres, including year-round production using a state-of-the-art heated greenhouse and several unheated plastic “hoophouses.”  Learn for yourself how this innovative community is tackling climate change, preserving open space and biodiversity, nurturing beginning farmers, creating innovative transportation and energy systems, and helping people all over the world to reduce their ecological footprint.  

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