Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Local applesauce now available

From Crooked Carrot CSK:

Our small-batch, unsweetened applesauce contains a blend of local, organic, great-tasting apples and nothin' else, including the varieties: Ida Red, Jonagold, Spigold, Northern Spy, Tart Keeper, Melrose, Golden Delicious, and a few others. All of the apples in our sauce were grown by our partner Hemlock Grove Farm in West Danby (www.ithacaorganicapples.com), including some in the orchard overlooking our vegetable fields. For more information and pictures of our applesauce project, visit www.facebook.com/crookedcarrotcsk.

Crooked Carrot Farm and Kitchen Applesauce is now available at:
*The Winter Ithaca Farmers Market at The Space@Greenstar (Saturdays, 11-2pm)
*Greenstar-West End
*The Piggery
*Bloom in Ithaca.

For more information on orchard/kitchen practices, or to place bulk orders at wholesale prices, contact wholesale@crookedcarrotcsk.com.

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