Sunday, February 17, 2013

Soup delivered to your door, weekly

I just got a note from Stone Soup Supper Club and here's what they say:

"Stone Soup Supper Club is community supported kitchen (CSK) in Ithaca that creates omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan soups each week using local ingredients.  We've just completed our first year in business, and are taking a close look at the structure of their CSK for the upcoming year.  We're asking everyone in the community - not just current members - for ideas and feedback through this short online survey.  If you have a moment to complete this survey, we'd appreciate your help.  Thanks!"

Co-owner Mary Beth adds "Stone Soup is going to pause from now until the spring when new ingredients start coming up out of the ground. We were widely embraced by our community with over 130 current members - many more than we dreamed of a year ago when starting up!  But, in addition to running low now on local ingredients with which to make our soups, we also want (and need!) to use this break to reflect on our first year and look at restructuring our CSK to ensure it can run well for the long haul."

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