Friday, November 30, 2012

Where does the pork on your plate originate?

North Carolina, perhaps? According to the National Pork Producers Council, North Carolina is #2 in the country in terms of pig inventory, at 8.9 million. Here in New York, we're #29, with 108,000 (stats from 2010).

At a recent conference I attended in North Carolina, I winced through a session about industrial pig farm emissions and human health. My friend Jill, who sat next to me at the session, later wrote about the research. Read her article here: "Hog Farm Stink Raises Neighbors' Blood Pressure" in Science Now

Then I winced again when I ate breakfast at a diner. 

Yes, those are pork brains on the menu.


  1. Thanks for posting these links. I first ran into industrial hog 'farms' when I moved to NC in the 90's. At the time, the world was just beginning to see the health effects downstream and downwind of industrial-scale livestock operations. Even though fishermen were developing neurological conditions and scary skin lesions, those same practices have increased substantially. Our 8 pastured pigs (the entirety of the Town of Ithaca's census for the species) were all purchased by people who recognize the environmental consequences of factory farming and the horrible conditions they create for both animals and farmers. A big thank you to our customers who support our efforts -- and to the great local mentors who have taught us to raise healthy pigs and build healthy soil With that, a shout-out to Kingbird Farm, The Piggery, Sabol Farm, Shelterbelt Farm, and Jim Linton, all taking a different tack getting their little piggies to your plate.

    1. Thanks, Farmer Dean, for posting this. It's great to learn how farmers here share their knowledge with each other.