Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Volunteers needed for fruits & veggies programs at BJM Elementary


Volunteers are needed for two events supporting the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Snack Program at BJM Elementary School. If interested, please respond to RSVP.

1 - Applesauce making party in the BJM kitchen! Thursday, Nov. 8, 12-5 pm. There are extra local apples that need cooking. Need about 10 volunteers. Sauce will be served the next day for the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Snack Program!

2 - Affordable Meal Assembly Program in the BJM kitchen. See below for details about this fantastic new program to directly benefit BJM families and also raise money for the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Snack Program. We will need volunteers for:
- (All) Volunteer Team Meeting: Tuesday, the 6th 12 PM at BJM. Sign in at the front desk and come down to the cafeteria. 
- (1 to 2 computer savvy volunteers) Compiling Meal Orders: Friday (9th) 12 PM at BJM. 
- (1-2 cooks) Prepping Sauces, Dressings, etc for Meals: Tuesday (13th) 12-3 at BJM
- (1-2 smiling faces) Welcoming and Hospitality. Wednesday (14th) and/or Thursday (15th). Any time 1-6 PM at BJM
- (1-2 Cooks) Food Prep. Wednesday (14th) and/or Thursday (15th). 11 AM - 5 PM at BJM.

A new, affordable meal assembly program allows BJM families to assemble delicious, quick, healthy dinners for the whole family will enjoy for a whole week - in one hour! Simply order ahead, assemble at BJM, freeze, heat and enjoy!

-The ingredients for each of the meals will be prepared and ready for families to assemble. Adjust the seasonings and ingredients to fit everyone's palettes and dietary needs. 
-Meal events are fun! Bring the kids! Try new treats! Visit with other BJM parents! 
-Each dish has 6 servings, likely with left-overs.
-Each  meal will come with directions for heating and re-heating. Cook the meal the night you make it or freeze for ready-to-heat meals. 
-Families can also purchase a Market Box that will include local veggies, a recipe, and most of the ingredients needed to make a delicious dinner at home! Take an easy step towards eating local! 

In order to make the food accessible to everyone and encourage participation in the snack program, families who are eligible to receive food stamps (EBT) can volunteer and get a discount for each dinner. Each volunteer hour is worth $8 off of one dish. We accept EBT as payment. All information is confidential. 

Healthy Dinners will raise money for the BJM Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVSP). Healthy Dinners is a project of Ithaca Community Harvest, with the support of the Robert Smith Award and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. All money raised will support FFVSP.  

Meal Assembly: Wednesday, November 14th 1:00 - 6:00 PM and Thursday, November 15th 1:00-6:00 PM 

For more info about the meal assembly program, email Megan at or call (only between 11 AM and 2 PM) 607-227-7850

If this works well, we will keep doing it throughout the year, and expand to the greater Ithaca community!!!

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