Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cider Production Class (Geneva, NY)


Cider Production: Principles & Practice
Monday, December 3, 2012
630 W. North Street, Geneva, Food Research Laboratory Conference Room
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Do you want to gain a thorough understanding of cider & perry and acquire the skills & knowledge necessary to make quality products?
Then, this is THE class to attend!

Part 1: An Understanding of Cider & Perry. Including extensive sensory analysis of cider & perry, this section aims to enable the participant to:

*Develop a broad appreciation of the main types & styles of cider and perry, along with an understanding of the Cider Industry - including its historical development and
its position in the alcoholic drinks market;
*Gain an outline knowledge & understanding of the main principles & practices involved in making cider & perry;
*Explore ways in which to encourage the positive & responsible development of the industry & its products.

This part of the class is also designed for individuals who wish to gain a recognized industry qualification – The NACM Certificate in Cider & Perry Appreciation. This is the only formal Cider Industry-specific qualification available in the world.

Part 1 is also separately available for those who want to gain a thorough understanding of cider & perry, but who may not wish to be directly involved in practical production.

Part 2: Practical Production of Cider & Perry. Including hands-on practical production and laboratory work, this part aims to provide:

*a thorough grounding in the main methods and processes of cider and perry production;
*a wealth of knowledge, insight and technical know-how, drawn from many years of practical experience;
*the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for the production of quality cider and perry.

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