Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Event: Celebrate Spring at Asparaganza

Here's a note from Melissa at Good Life Farm:
Yippee!  We are officially inviting you all to our first and much hoped for Asparagus festival at the Good Life Farm- Asparaganza 2012!  Three springs past we planted that crop, with much assistance from dear friends and neighbors.  This year, is a big year for production to start really ramping up, making us unstoppable with asparagus energy.  
Without further ado, here are some details.  
·         What:  Celebration of Spring, Asparagus and Community
·         When: Saturday, May 5---- 4-7PM
·         Where: the Good Life Farm, 4017 Hickok Rd., Interlaken, NY 14847 (map on the website)
·         More what: A country style fair with from The Piggery and Crooked Carrot, drink from Redbyrd Orchards, acoustic music from Toivo, games on the green and farm tours.  Come with friends, come make friends, come celebrate our community!  Entry is free, food and drink sold separately.
·         Contact: Melissa- melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org OR (607) 351 3313
Ithaca's Food Web asked Melissa for a few more details:

What's this event all about? Melissa says: "Its about celebrating community, and spring!  Really!  To afford to do it well, we need to vend most of the items, but we are trying to make it very friendly and accessible for all incomes.  So I guess party would best sum it up- no serious educational angle."

Who's involved? What was the inspiration? Melissa says: "We have tried to have a party for the farm every year because folks are interested and supportive of what we are doing.  In the past, it has been much less formal.  This year, because we are having a Spring CSA and have broadened our relationships with other food businesses, we thought to expand on the party idea to more of a fair.  I am doing all of the organizing, but trying to draw in CSA members as helpers, plus collaborating with the food and drink vendors- The Piggery, Crooked Carrot CSK, Wide Awake Bakery, Cayuga Creamery, Redbyrd Orchards Cidery, hoping for a few more..."

Where can we learn more about your farm? Melissa says: "I am going to point you to both our website- www.thegoodlifefarm.org and our CRAFT profile with Groundswell- http://www.groundswellcenter.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=143%3Acraft-farm-profile-the-good-life-farm&catid=40%3Afarms&Itemid=56 "
Thanks, Melissa!

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