Friday, April 20, 2012

Local food delivery service switches to CSA only model.

This week is the last chance to order grocery items from Garden Gate Delivery (the deadline is noon on Sunday 4/22). They switch to a CSA delivery model next month. Learn more at their website.

"I'm excited and sad at the same time. I love doing CSA delivery but sorry to say goodbye to my first vision of Garden Gate. Moving on is hard," said Marlo, founder of the company, on the Garden Gate Delivery Facebook page. "We'll have all of our delivery CSA options on the website to either order through us or direct from the farm/processor. We'll be recruiting a few different CSA types (maybe a pastry CSA on the way!). Website should be updated in ealry may."

In the Garden Gate Newsletter, Marlo said "something like a farewell":

"Garden Gate isn't closing, but we could have been. Partnering with Full Plate Collective CSA wasn't part of our original plan when we began in 2008 but it became half of our business soon after opening. Shutting down our farm to family "grocery" service is definitely saying "goodbye" to my original vision of home delivery in Tompkins County.
This Tuesday, April 24th is the last day of the "original" Garden Gate and the start of a brief lull before we begin the whirlwind of summer CSA deliveries. Our website will feature all of the CSAs we deliver for and as new CSAs are born we'll try to bring them online with delivery options, too.
Our weekly newsletter will continue much as usual with recipes, farm and ag news, local events and important local food topics.
It has given me so much joy to drive out to our farms, watch the seedlings begin in cold rains, feel the farmers become less languid (and stop answering their e-mail) as planting begins. The same views a few months later were of plants and trees bending with fruit that would be picked and boxed and sent off with me the next week so I could pack it up in another box and bring it to you. I'd wonder what this perfect purple eggplant would become and what stories you'd be telling as you drank this cider.
When I was delivering I adored and anticipated the kids that helped me carry full bags to the house and the notes of thanks that I'd find when I picked up empty bags. I loved seeing your names appear in my inbox as your orders arrived.
In all my time at Garden Gate I dealt with only one unpleasant person and that I will chalk up to age and illness. How is it you were all so good?
Thanks to all of you, from our very first customer (who I still think of with a mixture of gratitude and awe) to all the rest of you who helped make Garden Gate real. It is my business goal to take what you've taught me and make this evolution of GG into something of real service to you and to people who haven't yet discovered us. I hope you'll continue to be forthcoming with your opinions and advice.
In the meantime, I've said "thanks" but even though CSA will continue without a break, I really feel I must also say "farwell" to the old GG. I wish my first business plan and my dreams and fears a safe journey so they can make space for all that's to come."

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