Friday, February 17, 2012

Event Updates from the Ovid Library

Check out these events from the Ovid Library:

Apple Tree Pruning – Saturday, March 10th 10am-1pm – Learn to start and train new trees and how to rejuvenate older apple trees.  This class held at Daring Drake Farm, 3046 County Road, Ovid.  Contact the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library to

Tree Grafting – Saturday, March 24th 10am-noon at the Ovid Library.  Learn the history, lore, and mechanics of tree grafting with John Reynolds at Daring Drake Farm.  Students will have hands-on practice doing a tongue and whip graft and leave class with two fruit trees to plant.  Fee: $3/person.  Register at the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library.

Shiitake Mushroom Workshop – Saturday, April 28th 10am-1pm at the Ovid Library.  This workshop will cover the basics of growing Shiitake Mushrooms on hardwood logs.  This will be a hands-on workshop with instructor Steve Sierigk where we will drill-and-fill provided logs with Shiitake mycelium so each participant can take home a log.  Sponsored by the Delavan Foundation.  Fee: $15/person.  Register at the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library.

Library Plant Sale – Saturday, May 12th 9am – The Ford Memorial Library in Ovid will hold their annual plant sale fund raiser with plants donated from local farms and gardeners.  Enjoy a selection of unusual herbs, flowers, heirloom vegetables, fruit trees and plants. 

Shannon O’Connor, Director
Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, Ovid

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