Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BPA-free canning supplies

Recently, I stopped by Ludgate's (owned now by my friends the Quinn-Jacobs) and noticed that they're carrying a new kind of canning jar.  The brand called "Weck" and they look a bit different from conventional canning supplies.

I asked Katie Quinn-Jacobs why they started carrying the jars, and this is what she told me:

"Simply put, because I use them myself. I started preserving with Weck jars in 2004 because I was looking for a completely reusuable canning jar. They are more expensive than American jars, so I would buy about 5 packages a year to build my inventory. Still do. A couple of years ago at an IthaCan event, a friend pointed out that the white plastic lining on Ball canning jar lids was made from BPA, which the all-glass Weck jars do not have, so there's another good reason to use them. When we purchased Ludgate Farm & Market last January, I knew I'd stock some unique home food preservation items, like the Weck jars and BPA-free Tattler lids, that aren't available anywhere locally."

What's the worry with BPA? It's a hormone-disruptor that may contribute to developmental and reproductive problems, according to an article about BPA in commercial canned foods, written by my friend Emily Sohn.

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