Thursday, December 16, 2010

Popular local food store changes hands

After 37 years, Ludgate Farms at 1552 Hanshaw Road will change hands from the original founding family to another local family.

The business began in the 1970s when siblings Michael and Linda started selling produce from a picnic table outside their house as teenagers.  Today, it is an Ithaca institution, selling a wide range of products, including fresh produce, specialty groceries, bulk goods and locally produced items.

The new owners, Katie & Dave Quinn-Jacobs,* plan to invest in the productivity and future development of the farm stand in the years ahead. Katie is the founder of IthaCan, the local home food preserver’s network and both she and Dave are developers for Harvestation, the online farmer’s market that was launched this past harvest season. Betsy Appleton, who has a strong background in the local food movement, will be the new Ludgate Farms general manager-in-residence.

*Yours truly has worked with the Quinn-Jacbos on IthaCan and Harvestation projects.

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