Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New review & rating website for Ithaca restaurants just launched

Looking for restaurants reviews? Want to contribute your own opinions?  At a new site,, visitors can read and write reviews, download menus, get map directions, view and submit photos about each restaurant.

Creator of the site, Brian Harrington, says:

" is a free Ithaca based dining resource that lists ratings, reviews, download-able menus, access important information and more. All information is surveyed directly from the restaurants for accuracy and it free to be listed on the site. Website visitors can post reviews, give star ratings and upload images without needing to register and for free as well. 

The sites accessibility goes even further. Restaurants, who choose to, can have a custom qr barcode to display in their restaurant windows, that when scanned goes directly their listing on ( for what a qr code is) Essentially anyone with a cell phone can access all the information including ratings and reviews directly from our website on their cell phones. This is extremely useful, if someone wants to know more about a restaurant and if they happen to be passing by or deciding if they want to eat there all they have to do is scan the barcode.

Since the website is "community" driven, if a new restaurant opens up or one happens to close, anyone can let us know via the website and we can make the update. If a restaurant wants to change any of their information they can also contact  us for that as well. To sum it up, is the most accurate, up to date and reliable source for dining information in Ithaca."

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