Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Join me at the Cayuga Sustainability Council meeting on 10/28/10

Please join me at the Cayuga Sustainability Council meeting this coming Thursday from 6-8 at the Southside Community Center.

The CSC is a non-organization (eg no organizational structure, no officers, no dues, no formal membership) that meets quarterly to catch up on whats happening within the sustainability community. All projects, organizations, and sustainability-engaged folks are welcome.

From 6-7 we'll fill each other in on what's going on and coming up - and from 7-8 we're privileged to have a sterling team of leaders in the local foods movement to bring us up to date, and help us think about what we can be doing to support this key dimension in creating sustainable community.

Thursday's panel includes:
Joanna Green of the Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming; 
Kirtrina Baxter of Southside and Congo Square; 
Liz Karabinaksi of Healthy Food for All, Ithaca Community Harvest, and Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty; 
Alison Fromme, founder/editor of Ithaca's Food Web blog (that's me); and 
Elan Shapiro, Ithaca College faculty member and catalyst for community garden mini-grants that are making a big difference in downtown neighborhoods.

Sure to be an inspiring feast for the mind - culinary feast contributions also welcome!

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  1. This panel sounds so exciting - however, the timing conflicts with an equally exciting-sounding panel discussion of sustainability issues hosted by the Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future, from 4:30-6 pm at Cornell that same day.

  2. I guess in theory people could go to both, eh?!