Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is local food always better?

Does "local" matter?  The answer is that "it depends," according to Cornell Professor Miguel Gomez, who was featured on Jim Prevor's Perishable Pundit.

Here are a couple excerpts from Gomez:

"When people speak about local, they have strong opinions but they are not based on scientific information. In public discussions, many times people profess that local should be the way, but should we support this?"

"Should local matter? The best answer to this question, which may not be satisfying for those who want a clear-cut, black-and-white approach, is that it depends. Results are multifarious. The food system is very complex and it is difficult to come out with simple conclusions."

Read more here.

And, for more insights from Miguel Gomez, check out my Finger Lakes Foodshed article in Edible Finger Lakes magazine.

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